My instagram isn't working?

Answer Don't worry mine isn't either, that's why im on here. I don't gunk anybody's is, just wait it out. Instagrams probably on its period. Or getting updated, something stupid. It's happening to everybody

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My Cyberlink Youcam isnt recording sound, why isnt it working?

Open the Cyberlink YouCam program. Go to the top left and see 2 tabs a pic of a folder and a pic of some tools, click on the tools and make sure that audio (capture with audio) is checked.

Why Isnt my hp working :(?

Have you run Software Update lately? The HP drivers were updated the other day.

Myspace isnt working again?

This is getting on my nerves they need to get there stuff straight.

My printer isnt working. help!?

You might need to reconfigure the wireless settings on the printer. First make sure your printer is connected to your router. If not you will need to plug in your printer to a computer and run th... Read More »