My inner thigh/hip area hurts?

Answer If you are not yet convince that you are totally okey already, better you consult this with a doctor and for the doctor to give you a professional medical advise and to prevent it from getting wo... Read More »

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It hurts when i shave my private area?

Disregard first comment, you should have it the way you like. The easiest way is to take a shower and use a razor while water is running over the area. or you can just use clippers and trim it, whi... Read More »

My pubic area hurts when touched and when I pee.... Help?

It sounds like you might have a Urinary Tract Infection, which presents as pain in the area and then a hot, burning or knife-ing sensation when you pee. So much so that it causes you to react. UT... Read More »

My back hurts near my lower spine area...?

You seriously have to go to the hospital for an x-ray because you might have scoliosis which is when your spine is curved this is really important so if i were you i'd get an x-ray asap If it turns... Read More »

It Hurts When I Breathe, and I'm having a throbbing/stinging in my heart area.?

Well obviously you need to see a doctor. However, it sounds like pleurisy which is a condition of the lungs. If that's what it is it won't kill you but it can be very painful. Try to adjust the ... Read More »