My ingrowing toe nail?

Answer Chris,I had an ingrowing toenail. The way forward is to see your GP and be referred to a State Registered Chiropodist, who will sort this problem out; either by trimming the nail, or by performing ... Read More »

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Ingrowing toe nail or not?

I suppose it is possible that you no longer have any nerve endings where your toenail grows. Soak your foot in Epsom Salt. If you are worried visit your doctor again.Good Luck.

Iv`e got in ingrowing pube please?

I have this happen to me on occasion....(female)Take a hot compress, and put it on there for oh, 10-15 minutes,or sit in a hot tub. Sometimes that will make it pop out.If not, after soaking in the ... Read More »

Ingrowing toenail help?

The nail will still be ingrown but the infection should clear. This will make it look and feel better. Eventually you probably need a podiatrist to cut the nail back. Don't try this yourself.In the... Read More »

How to Remove Ingrowing Hair?

Ingrown hairs develop after shaving or waxing when a trimmed hair curls downward, growing back into the skin, instead of out of it. Ingrown hairs can be both painful and unsightly as they are typic... Read More »