My iPod Froze & Won't Unlock?

Answer iPods fall prey to the same pitfalls as nearly all other electronic devices: they malfunction, they have glitches and they freeze, or "lock up," from time to time. If your iPod is frozen, you need ... Read More »

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Help me, my ipod nano just froze up and it wont do anything!?

Try pressing the center button and the top part of the click wheel at the same time for several seconds. This should reset it. My boyfriend is a big Mac fan, and says that occasionally, iPods don't... Read More »

My iPod froze up and it wont work and the computer doesnt let me restore it. What do i Do?

hold down menu and the center- It happens to mine All the time

My Ipod froze up...why I keep on pressing the buttons but it's not working it's a Ipod nano.?

Hold Middle button and top button (on the circle thingy)for about 10 seconds, it should restart

My ipod froze please help?

You have to reset it, Hold down the menu button and the center button at the same time until it resets. This won't affect your songs!