My iPhone 4 won't let me download any apps. ?

Answer It s probably just the app, but if the app is that inportiant to you, you can reset your iphone, but for sure back it up on itunes first, also you can also try calling apple.

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My Samsung galaxy s wont let me download apps?

Take it to the place you bought it, and let one of the sales people help you. If they want your return business they should be able to fix it, or tell you whats wrong.

My ipod touch wont let me download apps?

It only says that If the game is outdated or if it's been deleted more comman issue if you are downloading from installous ( a jail broken app ) try reseting your iPod to factory settings and make ... Read More »

How do you delete apps that are waiting and wont download?

It's annoying but there is nothing you can do about it. Normally if it doesn't download it will disappear after a few days!

Can you download US apps on your UK IPhone in the UK?