My husband's grandmother was a twinWhat is the chance of me having twins?

Answer The mans family history has nothing to do with twins or no twins....twins occur when a) the woman releases two mature eggs and they both get fertilized by two sperm or b) one mature egg is fertiliz... Read More »

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What increases your chance of having twins?

that many sets of twins on both sides of the family would definitely increase the chances of having twins

What would you do if your husbands 21 and 26 yr old brothers lived on your couches and didnt pay rent husbands to nice to kick out at its running marriage?

Hubby needs to step up and you have to explain to him that if the brothers don't get a place of their own he will be living with them but without you. Being a doormat is not being "nice" and they a... Read More »

My step daughters live w their mom and grandmother the grandmother keeps putting diapers on the 5 yr old when she doesn't need them the mother also will not allow her to wear panties is this abuse?

If a mother writes a letter giving custody of her children to the grandmother can the grandmother demand child support from the mother?

Answer The grandmother would need to gain legal custody before she can petition the court for monetary support. Unless the court terminated the rights of the mother she probably would be ordered to... Read More »