My husband signed notarized statement saying his ex could move with their daughter to Canada for temp-employment but the notary only viewed his expired ID is this enought ot invalidate the statement?

Answer In order to be able to work legally in Canada, she ( the adult ) has to APPLY for and be accepted by the Canadian Immigration department, and a minor child has to have proper written permission to ... Read More »

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Is a notarized statement accepted by the courts?

How to Write a Personal Statement for Employment?

Personal statements: one chance to make a lasting first impression. At least this chance has the opportunity to be mulled over and edited for days at a time. Many employees are familiar with this e... Read More »

Does a divorced parent need a notarized statement from the other parent to fly out of state with children?

Answer That would depend on whether the divorce decree stated Joint Custody or not, and probably what state you live in.

If you have full custody of your daughter and you live in Canada and you want to move to England for a year can your daughter's father stop you from leaving?

Answer Yes he can if you have a settlement agreement that states that you cannot take your minor child out of the country without the father's consent.