My husband does not understand the fine art of internet joking or trolling?

Answer I'm with Toke. It's possible that even with your fine example, he just has a bad taste in his mouth for trolling. Tell you what I can do! I'll fill your Facebook with a bunch of hilarious trolli... Read More »

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Do You Think Trolling On The Internet Should Be A National Sport?

I got internet a few months ago and it was working fine my vision of window is legal it was working fine ?

no worries, you need to do all your windows updates and it will do a Genuine windows check (or whatever the h*ll they call it). Anyway if your copy is legit this should take care of it, and if it d... Read More »

How can I help my husband understand my depression?

Depression can occur at any point in your life, causing you to feel hopeless, lethargic and not interested in your favorite activities. The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) website notes ... Read More »

My lexmark printer x4550 was working fine a bit low in ink, then my husband moved it to check a socket behind?

Most commonly when that happens, the paper pickup/feed rollers are dirty or worn out & won't pull the paper correctly anymore. Try cleaning them with a soft, lint-free cloth dampened with alcohol o... Read More »