My html bar is gone. How do I get it back?

Answer right click on the empty space under your file edit view option and put a check mark on "view address bar"

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My taskbar has gone how do i get it back?

Also, try to move your mouse cursor down to the very bottom of your screen, and see if the mouse cursor turns into a double-arrow pointer. If it does, this means you dragged the taskbar off the scr... Read More »

Gemma 's gone she can go back to school now?

Yeah nursery school for her....blimmey even Clive can do basic English and Maths....mind you only just....has to ask me how to spell all those BIG words

What is the HTML code for "back to top"?

Use the following at the top of your page:At the place where you want the user to go to the top use the following:TOP OF PAGE

The trash can at my desktop is gone....what do i do to get it back?

as far as i know it's pretty hard to get rid of it in windows xp.. so i only know how to get it back in vista.if your using vista..start >> control panel >> appearance and personalization >> person... Read More »