My hp labtop wont charge?

Answer Actually, the problem is probably your battery. You can buy a new battery separately (though they're not that cheap) instead of buying a new computer, and you'll see that it's easy to replace.

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Lg viewty wont charge When its charging it should be able to turn on but it gets to the bit where the vodafone thing comes up turns off and goes to charging again but it still doesnt charge?

Why wont my phone charge?

sounds like the contacts inside the phone are damaged, and using excessive force on the port is only going to cause it further damage... bring it in to get repaired or replace the phone..

Why wont my ipod charge?

The problem is either stemming from the iPod Touch's 30-pin dock connector or the specific charger you're using (the latter could especially if you are using a third-party charger).I'd recommend tr... Read More »

My phone wont charge !?

Do you charge and use it? Because if thats what u do you probably messed up were you plugged the charger.