My hp dv6700 won't come om?

Answer Hi,That sounds as iff you have a damaged operating system.8-((You can try re-booting and pressing F8 several times and see if you can get the safe mode window and try the last known good configurat... Read More »

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My cd wont come out!?

yes it does.That's what it's there for.dvd/cd companies put these into their rom/ram drives as a fail safe in case this type of thing happens.Don't worry you won't be eletrocuted otherwise it would... Read More »

My tv wont come on how do i fix it?

Replacing the power supply board *might* solve the problem--that would be a first guess without examining your TV.If you do that, don't plug it in until you go to a big hardware store or home impro... Read More »

How do I Fix an HP DV6700 Keyboard?

If you have a non-responsive keyboard on your HP laptop, chances are there is a problem with the connection. Most laptop computer keyboards, such as the one on the DV6700, connect to the computer s... Read More »

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