My hp deskjet F300 scanner says it will not work with Vista - how can I make it work?

Answer Take it easy, go to and download the vista’s software for the deskjet f300 .. it will work fine.

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How to Get Your HP Scanner to Work in Vista?

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How can i get my scanner to work on windows vista?

Hi BigfootUninstall all the software, power up the scanner and disconnect the usb port.Now, re-install the software and at one point, the software will ask you to connect the usb to the scanner and... Read More »

How do I get my Canon scanner to work with vista 64 bit?

Vista and Windows 7 share much of the same code. I actually preferred Vista over XP, although I wouldn't call it a perfect OS. At any rate calling your OS good or bad doesn't do any good.Try Vuesca... Read More »

Does a Fujitsu fi-4220C scanner work in Vista?

The Fujitsu fi-4220C scanner has drivers available for both 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista. However, drivers for Windows 7 are not available as of 2010. The scanner is also compatible wit... Read More »