My homeopathic cure malfunctioned!?

Answer a fully qualified professor of homeopathy (amongst my vast CV I can include a dusty book on the subject from 1895 and a framed certificate I printed off the 'net) I can easily diagnose th... Read More »

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Homeopathic Cure for Dandruff?

You notice it on the shoulders of your little black dress. It speckles the lapels of the steel-gray power suit that was meant to land that perfect job. It nags at you with itchy reminders of its ex... Read More »

What is the best homeopathic cure for acne?

On One Hand: Some Homeopathy WorksCertain homeopathic tinctures can help treat acne, according to The best remedy depends on the specific symptoms. For example, people with larg... Read More »

What is the relation among mediation, allopethic, Homeopathic & shamanic system to cure the deseases?

There is no such thing as allopethic[sic] medicine.There is only medicine. If it works and is shown to work it;s called "medicine" everything else homeopathy, shamanic, etc is quackery nonsense

USB Device Malfunctioned / Not Recognized...?

Unplug ALL USB devices.Open Device Manager.View, Show Hidden Devices.Uninstall all devices under USB Controllers.Uninstall all devices under Storage Volumes. Say no to any reboot prompts until you ... Read More »