My headphones are picking up very faint radio signals?

Answer Cleaning the plug contacts on the headphone cable may eliminate the radio reception, but sometimes it will happen anyway.Any less-than-perfect connection can act as a rectifier.What you are experie... Read More »

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A spacecraft is approaching the earth. realitive to the radio signals it sends out the signals recieved on the?

Wavelength is equal to The Speed divided by the frequency; L = v / fIf v is increased by the spacecraft approaching the earth as v+n, then the wavelength is longer and the frequency is unchanged.So... Read More »

I need help picking the right headphones?

NEITHER. Please DO NOT BUY ANY OF THOSE! If REAL quality is an issue, please go for REPUTABLE brands only such as B&W, Sennheiser (most affordable), Shure, Grado, Denon, AKG, Audio-Technica, Etymot... Read More »

I am picking up a radio station from 500-600 miles away, what makes this possible?

That is common for AM. I can't remember why, unfortunately. I think the waves bounce off the atmosphere or somethink like that. It is a cool phenomena. Wish I could remember the details. Your ... Read More »

If you plug a mic into the base unit of a wireless FM headphone firstly will the headphones be able to pick up noise from the mic And can you use an FM radio instead of the headphones?

SonySony....REALLY??? Is that the best you could do??? There are numerous earbuds but you need to ask youself what you are willing to spend. You can get them upwards of $400 but you can also get de... Read More »