My head has sharp shooting, on-and-off pain?

Answer This happens to me all the time. I have severe headaches, and they pulse like that alot. I'm not sure if this will help much, but it is a bit of info anyways.

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Sharp shooting pain under right breast?

This is usually musculoskeletal in origin (especially intercostal - involving muscles between the ribs). However, if it persists, it is important to consult your physician.

Shooting pain from jaw to the top of my head?

Your neck muscles go to the top of your head passing just inside of your ears. They go there for the movements of your head and a spasm in the muscle could have been the reason for the pain. It w... Read More »

Please Help!! horrible toothache followed by burning chest. shooting pain up to head!!!?

Go to the dental college in your area they do excellent work and they give a huge discount. You have to address the toothache it will only get worse

What causes shifting pain in the body The kind of nagging, pricking, shooting pain that begins somewhere?

Common causes of lower left abdominal pain include diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, left kidney stone, left kidney infection, crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, left ectopic pregnancy, l... Read More »