My head has been hurting a lot lately..what can i do to relieve my headaches?

Answer haha medicine is the best way to might just be stressed from school or something

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Ive been getting headaches (front part of my head) eversince some 1 bashed my head into a wall about 15 times?

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How to Relieve Head Congestion?

Head congestion is caused by swollen nasal passages and mucous membranes, over production of mucous, stuffiness and sometimes clogged ears. This congestion may be caused by a virus, an infection or... Read More »

How do I relieve my aching head?

*clears throat* I've heard that long, slow and intense head massages with warm hands are great at curing umm...throbbing heads. You can use your hands(or somebody else's) to apply firm yet gentle p... Read More »

How can i stop my head from hurting?

wow it take two aspirintilt head to the other side of the injury like if you hit the right side of your head tilt your head to the leftuh........don't hit it anymore... Read More »