My head fell off. How do I fix this?

Answer a nail gun works best for this type of situation

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ok.... you mean.. you fell on your head? just becareful next time, and if it really hurts, seek for medical help.

I fell and hit my head?

It sounds likely that you have a concussion.My advice, go see a doctor for a better diagnosis than yahoo can give. It may be only a concussion (which is still a serious traumatic injury), but there... Read More »

Fell and hit my head...should I be concerned?

Yes you should be concerned. Never take a head injury lightly if the pain does not subside after taking OCT pain meds. call your doctor immediately.

My canopy above my bed just fell down on my head?

Why dont you wait till your mum gets home and then ask her...nicely..explain what happened and thank her :P