My hdmi connection pc-tv is gone bad it is showing the picture ok but there is red shading on the tv screen?

Answer Actually sounds like the connection is duff. The HDMI connection itself is not the best of ideas (not as sturdy as the USB connection) and if you can't fix it by ensure both ends are plugged in pro... Read More »

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Why are you getting a poor picture with an HDMI connection?

Reason For HDMI Poor Picture There are several possibilities. One is a bad HDMI cable and the the second is possibly the HDMI connector on the TV/DVD player end is loose. Other possible causes ar... Read More »

Which connection do you use to connect your hdmi blueray DVD player to your big screen which is an older model tv?

Televisions that are a few years old are almost certain to be standard definition and will have analog inputs. If that is the case, HDMI cannot be used as it is a digital signal. The television w... Read More »

HDMI connection/laptop to Receiver and tv help on hdmi switcher info?

This is the best way to hook up your devices:- 1st hdmi cable to hdmi output on device to hdmi input on receiver for surround sound audio, then 2nd hdmi cable to hdmi output on receiver to hdmi inp... Read More »

How can you have a hdmi connection for your xbox 360 when it doesnt have a hdmi slot?