My hands are cramping up I getting arthritis ?

Answer HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT FOR ARTHRITIS without any side effects or complications of any sort, (Arthritis including Gout, Arthritis Deformans/Osteo-Athritis and Rheumatism) :-Pain knee joints, worse by... Read More »

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What are some exercises for arthritis in the hands?

You can try a stress ball to exercise your fingers. It is good to always keep your fingers nimble to avoid stiffness. You can try to visit a chiropractor for more finger exercises, I have read some... Read More »

What supplement will stop cramping hands, arms, ribs in a senior female?

Call a health food store. See what they recommend. OR, call a pharmacist. They know more about that kind of thing than most doctors! Good luck. I hope there is help for this woman. I hate to ... Read More »

My new job is causing extensive unsightly callouses on my hands and knees and a shocking case of arthritis in?

Well sadly that's an occupational hazard when you're the pastor for a holy roller church.. Thrashing about while you're speaking in tongues takes a toll on one's body.That's totally what you meant,... Read More »

Is badam oil and almond oil the same?

Yes badam oil and almond is the same, but it usually made with the bitter variety of almonds..