My hand slipped into a Public Toilet?

Answer You need to be more educated on HIV and its transmission....But no, you can not get HIV this way.Not just worried about disease, but you should have def. washed your hands thoroughly. The $20 you ... Read More »

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Why are public toilet seats "U" shaped and toilet seats in private homes are a closed ring shaped?

The "U" shape is used in public places for the safety fof the health inspector. This way he won't choke if the lid slams down while he is drinking.

Can i get a STD from the public toilet?

no. toilets are extremely inhospitable to bacteria. Bacteria needs warmth and moisture to grow...toilet seats are cold and dry. (typically)...besides, your legs (and MAYBE a bit of your ***-cheek... Read More »

What can you catch from using a public toilet?

Your toilet seat is cleaner than your keyboard --------------------------------------…posted 9:20am EST Tue May 14 2002 - submitted by Thomas NEWSA recent study done by Clorox aimed to find the m... Read More »

How to Sanitize a Public Toilet?

Public restrooms can transmit disease and skin infections. Despite improved regulations about sanitizing public toilets, there are still times during which it may be necessary to sanitize a public ... Read More »