My hand is burn by Steam and need help from Expert?

Answer You did all the correct things yes, I would also agree that it is a 2nd degree burn. I wouldn't have advised popping the blister however everything else you did was exactly right! Well done you hav... Read More »

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Need help medical, Cut and remove glass from hand.?

Holy crap, I'm so sorry to hear this, hospitals should be free like the uk. Don't you have insurance, I strongly don't recommend operating on yourself.

I need a computer expert for help?

do a virus scan with good antivirus. and open up task manager when windows starts and in task manager click on file then new task and type 'explorer' and hit enter. This will solve your problem of ... Read More »

Help !!! i burn my hand?

Hold it under cold running water for several min to stop tissue damage, then wrap it in a dry sterile dressing. Apply ice as needed to reduce swelling. Dont use ointments, the oil in the ointments ... Read More »

I have been bitten by a poisonous spider please help need expert opinion!?

Continue following the docs instructions if you don't the bite can easily grow and you could lose your limb