My hand is burn by Steam and need help from Expert?

Answer You did all the correct things yes, I would also agree that it is a 2nd degree burn. I wouldn't have advised popping the blister however everything else you did was exactly right! Well done you hav... Read More »

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My other half has burnt his hand on the steam of the kettle?

Never ever put cream of any description or butter or oil on a burn, it will make is worse!Cold water for at least 10 minutes (running water is best) and then if you have any aloe vera gel put that ... Read More »

How to Administer First Aid Treatment for a Steam Burn?

Steam is silent but dangerous. If you are preparing comfort food, such as macaroni and cheese, steam from your pot can make you uncomfortable in a hurry. You need to know basic first aid that will ... Read More »

Something to put on a burn on my hand..?

If you'd like it to STOP hurting then go to the pharmacy and buy some sterile dressings and HYDROGEL. This is almost all water (in a gel form) that also contains Tea Tree Oil. This will stop the pa... Read More »

What do i do for a burn on my hand?

Ouch! Oven burns are some of the worst >_< One thing my grandma always did with burns was smear a little toothpaste on them. I know it sounds weird, but it always worked- something to do with the f... Read More »