My hand has been numb, is it permanent?

Answer Sounds like ulnar nerve entrapment, you can do a search for some easy home remedies.

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You are eight months pregnant and your left hand has been numb for three weeks now Is there anything you can do to relieve it?

Pregnancy and numbness? You should immediately speak to your obstetrician, immediately not tomorrow, call now. It can mean many things or nothing better safe than sorry. Answer The above poster is... Read More »

When I sleep, I tend to lay on my hand and in the morning, my hand feels uncomfortably numb.........?

oh thats soo easy, lol in fact i do it all of the time. one way you can get rid of it is to not sleep on your arm in the first place, then in the morning it wont have its blood supply cut off and g... Read More »

My middle three fingers are numb and have been numb for about three months I sleep on my elbow alot and watch?

Exercise them. Get a pen and scribble. Did you have a stroke. You don't give much info.Get one of those big bed pillows designed for bed reading and tv watching.

Waking up with a numb feeling in my hand?

could be carpal tunnel or it could also be poor circulation. say something to yer dr. you might need an operation (if it is C.T.) to correct it. :)GOOD LUCK!X3