My hamstrings are really tight?

Answer Just do toe touches and butterflies, stretch as much as possible before beginning to run. And stretch afterwords.

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How do i tight my hamstrings they r very lose?

Try this :) it has worked for me, but i wanted to workout my whole legs. Read More »

Braces suddenly got really tight?

you should get back to your dentist immediately as it could complicate things

How do i get skinny jeans really tight?

High HeatWash your skinny jeans. Then put your skinny jeans in the dryer at high heat until completely dry to make the skinny jeans really tight. According to the jeans site My True Fit, jeans can ... Read More »

10 POINTS! Why do my calfs get really tight while walking?

If its causing you that much pain you should go to the doctors where you will most likely be referred to physio. It could be a number of things such as being overweight, not being very flexible, h... Read More »