My hair turned RED!! please help?

Answer First off, you can't dye it again at least for a couple weeks. Give it a break and deal with the red. I know it's expensive, but get it done in a salon. They're the only ones that can make it light... Read More »

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I bleached my hair and it turned orange?

Oh boy, well that's what it does, hair being bleached has the pigment stripped form the hair and the darker it is the harder it is to get light. You can only lighten hair two shades, and it always... Read More »

How to Fix Bleached Hair That's Turned Gray?

Hair damaged from bleach dyes can leave users frustrated and unhappy with their daily appearance. Extended sun exposure can even cause already damaged hair to turn gray. Since bleaching removes hai... Read More »

How to Treat Hair That Has Turned Gray?

Hair turns gray as you age and the pigment in your hair follicles die. Although gray hair is associated with old age, it can occur at any age. While there is no way to reverse the aging process, th... Read More »

How to Repair My Hair After It Turned Gray?

As hair matures, the natural oils that help to keep your hair moisturized and healthy will start to fade with your natural color. Once the natural oils are depleted, your hair will appear dry, crun... Read More »