My gums hurt when flossing, why?

Answer It's because you are just starting to floss your teeth properly. It'll take some getting used to.

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Does flossing hurt your teeth?

It may hurt a little the first few times, until your gums get used to it and become tougher. You may also bleed a little the first few times - bleeding gums is a sign of gingivitis, which can lead... Read More »

Why do my gums hurt so much?

I'm 13 and i used to have the exact same problem as you and i went to my dentist about it and, they said that with this problem you need to brush your teeth and LET it bleed, don't force it to blee... Read More »

Does it hurt to get an injection in your gums?

I went to the dentist and got 7 shots in my gum to get a tooth out and it killed so yea it does but it didn't hurt for that long only like 30 secounds to a minute

Why do my gums hurt all of a sudden?

Any acidic stuff you had taken last night ?Anyway, even if not, dont worry. There are times when Nature holds the solutions to our questions. Dont we have sometimes unexplained stomache, pain in th... Read More »