My gums are growing in between my teeth?

Answer Glad you are going to the dentist soon, and also flossing. You may want to try mixing half water and hydrogen peroxide (equal parts of each) and swish/rinse you mouth with it for at least a min... Read More »

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Why would someone have teeth growing out of their gums above other teeth in the front of their mouth?

Answer Lack of space causes this.It happens a lot to children that their permanent teeth come before the milk tooth fall out. To be sure, ask the dentist if there is a problem. Most of the time thi... Read More »

Problems with teeth/gums DENTISTS please (gums receding/thinning)?

The top reasons for gum recession are age and brushing too hard. Since you sound like you're younger it might be from brushing too hard, you can literally brush the gums right off. Make sure you ... Read More »

What do you do if adult teeth are growing in behind baby teeth?

This happened`with our six year old. Sometimes the adult teeth do not "attack" the root of the "baby" tooth and weaken it enough to make it fall out first. This is not an "emergency" but you should... Read More »

How to get healthy gums/teeth?

Hi Kayleigh -It's possible you're brushing too hard, or using the wrong technique:You need to make sure you are brushing effectively. You use a SOFT toothbrush only, and aim it at the gumline at a ... Read More »