My gum hurts in between my teeth?

Answer It's called periocoronitis. Basically aggrivation of the tissue from bacteria being there so long. If that piece of food is out now it should go away within a few days. Just floss and brush the are... Read More »

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Wisdom teeth pulled hurts when I lie down?

Try using a few pillows for a few days to prop your head up.......

Does applying braces to your teeth hurts?

The placing braces is a pain free process i have braces and the first visit was not painful its not until you get home and you start feeling the poking and the tightness on thursday i went so they ... Read More »

One of my front baby teeth really hurts?

You could ask your dentist to pull it out for you, it wouldn't hurt as it is a baby tooth and has no roots..............

My back molar teeth hurts like crazy?

Get the teeth fixed. The dentist may accept a payment plan, ask.In the future brush and floss better to avoid repeat problems as much as possible.Best of luck to you.(the prices sound reasonable b... Read More »