My grandmas coming, what to make for breakfast?

Answer I have a recipe for a date and wallnut cake that my mom loves and im almost sure grandmas love:1 cup pitted dates1 tbsp. Clear honey3/4 cup boiling water2/3 cup chopped wallnutsYou take the seeds o... Read More »

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When is Chris Moyles coming back to the Radio 1 breakfast show?

He has left the show for good. No return is planned but the BBC may offer him another programme in the future.

What Should You Say As A Speech At Your Grandmas Wedding?

easy just give it a few min then say am sorry i won't do it again love it works for me so give it a try

Why are Grandmas Good?

Because they are lovable and cuddly and will love you for ever. Also, they are very clever and can give you lots of helpful advice. They will always give you a kiss and a hug and tell you how wonde... Read More »

What can i make for breakfast?

If you have any bread, toast it lightly and butter it. Slice a banana and spread it on top, sprinkle with a litlle cinnamon spice and a little brown sugar. Grill for a few seconds, until the sugar ... Read More »