My grandma is choking on an onion right now. WHAT DO I DO!?

Answer put a pillow over her head and put the old dear out of her misery!

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If my mother dies do i have the right to take in my younger siblings if im 17 and they are living with their grandma.?

No, you are technically still a minor. So not until you come of age, which is basically only a year from now.

If grandma has diabetes, and great grandma...can i have it?

I saw an answer to this question about diabetes and I just wanted to let you know that the info was a little mixed up. Please don't take offense; I just think it is important people have their inf... Read More »

Can i live with my other grandma if the grandma i live with that has temporary custody of me does not let me?

Mother deceased father not on Birth Certificate no will child and deceased mother always lived w maternal grandma. Does grandma have legal cusody How does a private adoption take place?

will my sister Michelle have this afull situation fade into inocence flames will it be over and her freedom and justice be served.