My grand daughter's in daycare for 10-12 hours?

Answer It is sad that she can't spend more time with her family, and hopefully this situation will not be forever, but sometimes we have to make tough decisions. Her parents are lucky that they have a go... Read More »

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What tv show did someones grandma squeezes her grand-daughters boobs?

I'm one of those people! It's because she's not a game character and she stole Sonic from Amy Rose!

Is being 3 hours late to pick up a child from daycare considered abandonment?

Answer If you did not bother to contact the Daycare and give them a reason for being late (a three hour delay should be only used in an emergency such as working late unexpectedly or a vehicle brok... Read More »

How many hours driving time from Colorado springs to the grand canyon?

1 Which channel broadcasts 672 hours of children's programs each year over two hours each day mostly in the late afternoon?