My goldfish was giving me weird looks so i put it in my closet.?

Answer I'm sorry to hear that. But... Something does smell fishy about this question.My goldfish is also going through such times.My family says it's just a rebellious stage that it is going through, and ... Read More »

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Rash at the bottom of my neck and now it looks weird?

Maybe its ringworm? If so, use an antifungal cream such as Tinactin or Lotrimin.

Internet page looks weird! HELP!!!!!?

then I'd suggest you to update your Java and adobe flashplayer to latest version

A weird smell coming form my kids closet. It smells like someone is dying their hair.?…that has some very specific information on causes of ammonia smell (hair dye smell) interestingly the smell ***Spoiler alert*** ended up being a burning p... Read More »

I've been in a knee brace for two weeks and now my leg looks really weird. Help?

Having damaged my knee, I've also had to deal with a knee brace. This occurrence does not sound normal to me. You should see your doctor about it. Even if it could be nothing, it would be smart to ... Read More »