My glasses broke and im wearing my old glasses with a lower prescription, is it okay?

Answer Call an optometrist, they will tell you over the phone. An optometrist actually gave my brother a bit lower prescription on purpose saying that his vision would actually improve over time.

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Is there a difference between prescription & non prescription reading glasses?

my other half is a nurse and only uses non prescription glasses. they're not harmful but I always believe in getting prescription glasses that suit you specific needs. As a nurse, she wouldn't we... Read More »

Do you have to get a new prescription to get new glasses?

You need a new prescription if you feel you need stronger lenses. You'll need a new exam to get that prescription. If you want to get a new frame but the same strength lenses, then you do not need ... Read More »

Can you buy prescription 3D glasses?

as far as i know the answer is no. I also Wear Glasses and i asked the guy trying to sell me this TV i couldn't afford but was interested in the technology. He told me that you do not need a prescr... Read More »

Is -2 and -1.75 a bad glasses prescription?

Its quite mild but you might be starting to wear full time for the clarity. Wearing or nto wearing glasses doesn't make yoru eyesight better or worse it just helps you see clearly so wear them when... Read More »