My girlfriend won't let me put my dongle in her usb slot?

Answer ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha best humour ever on here.......... i would clean the laptop then stick your dongle in.. then ask your brother ... Read More »

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Why Wont My Wireless Dongle Show Excellent Signal Strength?

All sorts of reasons.It could be that the signal strength is too strong - with the router nearby you should be using a cable not attempting a wireless connection.The signal strength also indicates ... Read More »

How can i convert a BLUETOOTH dongle to a WIFI adapter/dongle device?

simple answer. Unfortunately you can't as far as i know. Bluetooth and wifi operate on different bandwiths and therfor the dongle hardware is built to accommodate that. Sorry.

Why wont my Anorexic girlfriend tell me her weight?

she won't tell you because she may think that she hasn't lost enough yet and she may be ashamedyou should talk to a docter about her before she gets really badsome people lose so much weight that t... Read More »

Your girlfriend wants a child and everytime you have sex you shoot your sperm inside her you have done this like 4 times but she just wont get pregnant shes not on birth control or didnt get tubes tie?

There could be many reasons why she won't get pregnant. For many couples that are trying to conceive, it takes majority up to a year to finally get pregnant. I would suggest have sex every other da... Read More »