My girlfriend started smoking cigarettes. what is the best way to get her to stop?

Answer I know exactly what smoking will do to me and i dont plan on smoking FOREVER.. i like to do things on my own.. not when someone else forces me.

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Im 20 yrs old and i started smoking cigarettes ...?

IT NEVER works to solve one problem w/anothr problem, sorry, no.find another way, walking is a great stress reliever, dont laugh til ya try it. it's also good for your body & mind.

If smoking is bad for our health, then why don't they just stop making cigarettes?

People who make and sell cigarettes are in it for the money.

Any good ways to stop smoking cigarettes?

Well, yes! First of all, start by smoking ONE less cigarette per day for a week. Slowly your mind and body will adjust. Then over the next 3 weeks, continue to CUT your smoking. Remember it helps t... Read More »

How do i stop my girlfriend from smoking?

You can't stop anyone from doing something. You have to provide a role model. She has absolutely no incentive to smoke and if you are around someone who smokes, your chances of stopping smoking a... Read More »