My girlfriend is a veggie how can i change this?

Answer Your lucky that your girlfriend drools over your meat mine won't even touch mine!!!!

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My girlfriend's ex won't change his Facebook profile picture of him and my girlfriend?

Report to Facebook? If you're in a relationship with your go on fb then people will know. I agree it's just weird though! Maybe write a comment like haha can't believe you still have a picture of y... Read More »

Why did Sesame Street change Cookie Monster to the Veggie Monster?

They didn't. They're just having Cookie Monster set an example to kids. He still has ravenous cookie habits.

Why did the cookie monster change to the veggie monster?

because little kids will think its healthy to eat cookies instead of vegtables :D

Hot Dogs Or Veggie Dogs Hamburgers Or Veggie Burgers?

Hot dogs are Yankee stadium or Red Sox stadium. Have a good time. I meant to look up the date of the Fri. game and forgot of the Series. I'll do it later. Goodnight yourself Scooter.