My girlfriend is a vegetarian. How can I make her not be?

Answer WTF? if she wants to be a vegetarian she WILL be a vegetarian why the heck is she dating u??? people are vegetarians for a reason 1.we love animals2.we are no low life murderers3.coz we wanna be so... Read More »

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My girlfriend is a vegetarian,at least she thinks she is because I gave her lasagne and told her it was quorn?

You beefed her? What do you plan on doing next? Porking her and telling her it's yogurt? Don't tell her, but have her give me a call. I have some waterfront property she may be interested in.

If a vegetarian feeds his cats on a vegetarian diet, is this an animal cruelty?

Cats are carnivores; vets never recommend vegetarian diets for cats. Vegetarian diets for cats exist, but they put the animal at risk for heart problems due to lack of taurine, and other conditions... Read More »

Semi-vegetarian, flexitarian, pesco-vegetarian, pollo-vegetarians?

they're desperate for a title.i know that a lot of people are in a situation where it's difficult to give up all meat (for example: kids who say their parents make them eat fish) but they shouldn't... Read More »

Have dinner in non-vegetarian restaurant but eat vegetarian/vegan food only?

of course? a homie gots to eat. If I were to not eat at a place because they also serve meat, people would think im a crazy extremist. I don't have the time to always make my food and there is very... Read More »