My girlfriend has some feminine odor?

Answer u know her infection can spread to you. just to let you know.and thats disgusting no offence.that is your choice.just tell her in a nice way but don't laugh. it might hurt her feeling.

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I politely told my girlfriend she had an odor problem... but something isn't right?

"Look, hun, I've got a godamn volcano coming outta of my chacha! Now do me!".

Can you get in trouble if you are 18 and get your girlfriend who is 15 pregnant but you are going to stay with and help support your girlfriend and the baby?

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My girlfriend's ex won't change his Facebook profile picture of him and my girlfriend?

Report to Facebook? If you're in a relationship with your go on fb then people will know. I agree it's just weird though! Maybe write a comment like haha can't believe you still have a picture of y... Read More »

How to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend?

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