My girlfriend has some feminine odor?

Answer u know her infection can spread to you. just to let you know.and thats disgusting no offence.that is your choice.just tell her in a nice way but don't laugh. it might hurt her feeling.

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I politely told my girlfriend she had an odor problem... but something isn't right?

"Look, hun, I've got a godamn volcano coming outta of my chacha! Now do me!".

I recently bought some feminine wipes, and have discovered I'm allergic to them. How long until...?

Oooh, I feel for you. Take some benadryl and take a shower, then put an icepack on the area. It should go away soon. I hope you feel better.

How do I get my girlfriend to give me some head...?

try this line "Get me headphones, its my birthday"

Why do some boyfriend always mentioning the past of her girlfriend?

Becasue the guy wants her to tell him about her past boyfriends