My girlfriend has cramps. any remedies?

Answer warm compress is usually pretty might want to get her some midol too...On behalf of all ladies....thanks for taking care of her!

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Remedies For Stomach Cramps?

Use breathing to divert your attention from the pain and to help relax you. This method can be effective for mild cramps.Focus on your breathing. Use a fast and shallow breathing rate, following a ... Read More »

What are some home remedies for menstrual cramps?

Bad luck! Period pains the worst :/ I usually take nurofen and get a cup of tea, sit in front of a film with a hot water bottle where the pain is. The hot water bottle really helps!Hope that helped... Read More »

I get the worst menstrual cramps!!! What are some home remedies..?

I get terrible ones as well. so bad i feel nauseous and like i cant walk to my living room. Well i usually just lay in bed with a heating pad..they are really not that expensive and like the other ... Read More »

What are be the symptoms of pregnancy while on birth control if your girlfriend recently started birth control and she is experiencing sore breasts and frequent cramps day after day for 4 days?

AnswerBirth control GIVES you pregnancy symptoms. If she thinks she is pregnant she shouldn't be taking birth control any more and should see her doctor to find out.because birth control doesn't he... Read More »