My girl friend feels like she has her period but no blood Please help?

Answer You have to remember that the morning after pill is a huge dose of hormones that get put into your body because it has to act fast to prevent pregnancy. So naturally all these hormones might be mes... Read More »

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My girl friend doesn't like having sex and she barley ever feels like dong it with me and just hates sexx?

She needs to go to counselling, it honestly feels like she had sexual abuse which could be mentally blocking her into not liking it, It can extremely destroy any desire, I would be very supportive ... Read More »

If you have sex with a girl while she is on her period might you get red blood on your penis?


I had a girl friend 2011 november i did sex with her after 13 month it mean 2013 january i donated my blood in?

It is quite difficult to understand what your question is asking.So, you had sex with a girl in Nov. 2011 and now in Jan 2013 you donated blood. Did you show up positive for HIV or are you worri... Read More »

Sex on oct 20 nov19- light spotting the day period was due 1031 then offon period wnorm flow 5 days later sore breasts next period not due til sat -HPT yesterday is a blood test recommended?

Answer You had a normal flow period - no chance of pregnancy.