My girl friend feels like she has her period but no blood Please help?

Answer You have to remember that the morning after pill is a huge dose of hormones that get put into your body because it has to act fast to prevent pregnancy. So naturally all these hormones might be mes... Read More »

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My girl friend doesn't like having sex and she barley ever feels like dong it with me and just hates sexx?

She needs to go to counselling, it honestly feels like she had sexual abuse which could be mentally blocking her into not liking it, It can extremely destroy any desire, I would be very supportive ... Read More »

Please help!!!! Doctors say sprain feels like fracture!?

I had almost the same thing happen to me! If you're still in a lot of unbearable pain after about 3 days then I would definitely see another doctor for a second opinion! They didn't notice my fract... Read More »

Please help my friend has blood coming out of his anus regularly i need to help him?

The most common causes are anal fissures or hemorrhoids but it could also be something far more serious as in…

I am losing ALOT of blood on my period any girls please help!!!!?

if it is abnormaly different see hoq it is within a few hours and maybe ring emergancy doctors up... i dont know if you are in the uk or out but if in uk do ring doctors or go to a&e just get chec... Read More »