My front tooth hurts. I can feel it in the root when I wake up. Serious?

Answer Could be the beginning of an abscess. You should go to the Dentist ASAP. When it turns in to an abscess, it will hurt so bad that you can't think straight.

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What do you do if you wake up and your left cheek is swollen your tooth really hurts and you have to go to work?

Answer Take some ibuprofen or another type of store bought pain reliever and rinse with warm salt water. Take the pain reliever every 4 hours or as directed on the bottle. Don't wait for the pain... Read More »

How long do you have to wait after a root canal before you can brush that tooth if it is your front tooth?

Usually on the evening on the day after the procedure.

Dentist did poor job on root canal/ crown. Tooth hurts. What can i do?

Oftentimes, the dentist missed an accessory canal during the root canal procedure, and there is still bacteria present that can re-infect the tissue (bone, PDL) and cause pain. This can be correct... Read More »

I banged my front tooth aganist the tap its not lose but hurts. what should i do?

Do you feel like the position of your tooth has changed at all? If so, go to your dentist ASAP. If not, then keep an eye on it. If you have pain or swelling after tomorrow morning get it checked o... Read More »