My friends think I eat to much when I don't!?

Answer Start eating more and working out. Do you want to become sick and have your life ruined all because of what's "in" and what's not?? It's not worth that. Your health is important. Add more protein i... Read More »

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How can you persuade your parents on letting you to sleep over at a friends house who they dont like so much?

Im 15 and want to mow lawns but i dont know how much to charge. What do you think?

Decide how much time you can devote to it. Ask your neigbors how much they pay and how often they get their's cut.Do some math and figure out how you can compete with what's already out there. You ... Read More »

Your so vein, you probably think this song is about you dont you, dont you!?

What do you do when you think you are pregnant and you dont want your parents to know?

Best thing you can do is sit down and discuss the issue with your parents. They are more understanding about things than teens/young adults give them credit. That's an awfully big secret to keep. A... Read More »