My friends think I eat to much when I don't!?

Answer Start eating more and working out. Do you want to become sick and have your life ruined all because of what's "in" and what's not?? It's not worth that. Your health is important. Add more protein i... Read More »

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I want to add my mother on facebook but I dont want her to see my friends list?

it's simpleread this…and instead of "only me" select "custom" then add her to your "hide this from" list

All my friends say i should wear makeup but i dont feel comfortable wearing it wat should i do?

every one is beautiful the way the are, don't let your friends pressure u into doing something u don't want to do

How can you persuade your parents on letting you to sleep over at a friends house who they dont like so much?

Im a very atractive girl ,recently move to chicago from Brazil,dont have friends here,is okay to go out alone?