My friends' period is late Help please!?

Answer Period every 1-2 weeks is not normal, but her present condition COULD be normal. This is usually caused by hormonal imbalance. And this can only be treated with the use of a hormonal pill, which yo... Read More »

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Its my period is a month late! Not pregnant..Please Help!!?

This has happened to me. There's no reason for it. Your body isnt fully developed and you wont have a 'steady flow' until you're about 20. If it doesn't come next month, see your doctor, but try no... Read More »

Please help my period is late and I don't know why ?

You're still young and your body is still getting used to it.Periods are rarely like clockwork. Most people are sometimes late, sometimes early. It varies a lot.It's normal!

Im really late on my period! Please help- don't know what to think !!?

8 days is pretty normal. Happens from time to time. Your circle might be changing also.Hormone levels have their ups and downs, this can cause the delay.My period changed too ( 10 days later maybe ... Read More »

You and your b-f had unprotected sexhe pulled it out before he ejaculated you were 12 days late for your period but you got it for 4 dayscan you still be pregnantt HELP PLEASE?

As long as you got your period, then you're not pregnant. To be sure, take a home pregnancy test.