My friends make fun of my boob size!?

Answer Then they are not really your friends.

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I accidentally touched my Friends boob with a ruler.?

Once my guy friend did the same but with his finger. You should probably not mention it again to might make her embarrassed. But if you wanna say something just say like im sorry about the... Read More »

What do you think in the perfect boob size?

It really depends on your body type. I would not say that a petite woman looks good with a DD cup, but I would not say a 300 lb woman looks good with an A cup either. I consider myself a boob perso... Read More »

Am I one of the few guys out there that dosen't care about a woman's butt or boob size. Seriously?

Why is one boob so much smaller the the other boob?

Every woman has a variance in size between one breast and the other unless you buy them, in which case they should be perfect for all that money. You may feel lopsided, but it is normal. You can ta... Read More »