My friends faking cancer, what should I do?

Answer He has severe mental issues. Go to the university tutor/nursing council & explain to them what is happening. I would also add that you both don't feel safe living with him due to his actions. Due t... Read More »

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Faking breast cancer?

This girl must be screaming for attention.If she had 2 or 3 months to live she would notgo out & party she would have no energy.Im curious to know what she going to come outwith in 3 months. I am a... Read More »

People think I'm faking cancer?

Hi Goldie,First let me say I am so sorry you are going through that, the illness and the people who are spreading rumors.It is my sincere hope that your treatments give you the best outcome possibl... Read More »

My sister IS faking breast cancer, what would the best way to handle this?

How on earth could you have "proof"? This seems like an odd thing to fake.... I can't understnad in the world of HIPPA that you could have proof we are talking about confidential medical information

My friends mum is dying from cancer and her dad also has cancer how can i help her.?

Believe me - listening is the best help you can give - even if your friend's repeating the same things. Just be there when she needs to talk even if you feel there's not much you can say in return.