My friends don't understand why i became a vegetarian?

Answer Explain to them that diet "balance" has more to do with nutritional values than food choice; a lot of people think "balance" means eating some meat and some grains when it actually means getting al... Read More »

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Other reasons my mom dont let me mbe vegetarian...?

OK. 1. Soya products-such as tofu and tempeh-contain all the essential amino acids found in animal protein and are actually higher in protein than some meats.The human body doesn't actually need m... Read More »

I dont think you understand what im asking about the scanner on my walgreens?

It sounds like you're asking something that Walgreens should answer. If a phone conversation doesn't work then maybe go in person and get them to fix the problem.

I keep buying cameras. people dont understand me!?

Maybe you should buy yourself a digital SLR.... that way if they get mad at you for buying new cameras.... now instead of getting a whole new camera you will constantly be buying new lenses and tri... Read More »

How do you change the name of a link If you dont understand please look inside?

If its a link from your website the code you would use would be similar to this:yahoo