My friends don't understand why i became a vegetarian?

Answer Explain to them that diet "balance" has more to do with nutritional values than food choice; a lot of people think "balance" means eating some meat and some grains when it actually means getting al... Read More »

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How Do I Became A Vegetarian?

ooh weight loss is a more than just eliminating meat, its exercise, good diet, rest, and stress level. Do moderate cardio to get used to eat, like lets say walk to yur post office instead of usin t... Read More »

I recently became a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian..?

If you eat shrimps you will not be a vegetarian, shrimps are creatures that have a circulatory system and a heart that pumps. They have a nervous system including a brain that enables them to recog... Read More »

I recently became a vegetarian and now I'm gaining weight...?

You eat carbs constantly- I'd be shocked if you weren't pre-diabetic.Oats, crackers, noodles, apples, potatoes, more oats....The dairy isn't doing you any favors, either-it's chock full of growth h... Read More »

If I became a vegetarian would it actually make a difference?

The current number of animals bred and raised for food is estimated on the demand. Abot 50 billion animals are slaughtered every year for food to feed 6 billion people. By switching to a veggie die... Read More »