My friends computer wont allow him to boot up, it only shows a black screen with weird text. What should he do?

Answer unplug it for a while.then try again. mine does this might take a few trys

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Black screen on computer boot! Help!?

First, reseat your graphics card and see if it fixes the problem.Next, reset your bios:…And see if it fixes the problem. If that doesn't work, remove the ... Read More »

HELP! my hp computer wont go pass a black screen with flashing underscore?

A virus is a possibility, but you could also have a bad hard drive or system board, or somehow your operating system was corrupted. In any case, you can probably save the data on that you want off ... Read More »

I bought a new computer monitor and I am pretty sure its connected properly but it just shows a black screen?

"Input signal is out of range" is a classic symptom that your Windows is set to run at a resolution or refresh rate too high for that monitor to handle.Re-connect your old monitor that worked, boot... Read More »

My hp compaq6005 pro wont boot past the hp invent screen, help!?

Try reinstalling windows if the problem stil (which it shud not) unplug ur hardrive n carefuly fix the plugs tight n check the other parts like RAM is properly insertd , The procesor fan is not loo... Read More »