My friend's computer restarts every 1-4 minutes by itself, why?

Answer Could be a virus or could be hard drive failure.The thing to do here is process of elimination. Boot up in safe mode and then run your antivirus program.Go to and run t... Read More »

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Computer restarts itself every minute?

Either two or three likely possibilities are the problem.1. Power Supply Failure (usually the filter capacitors) a whole new PSU is usually less than $100 2. CPU overheating which you will have to ... Read More »

My computer is turning itself off and on again every few minutes, these last two hours. Any ideas... :) ?

As most of the responses have said it could be that your computer is overheating, have you checked your fan to see if it is operating correctly? sounds like the processor or motherboard is overheat... Read More »

Why does my computer shutdown every 45 or 30 minutes?

Random shutdowns when you are in the middle of anything (not when you are doing one particular thing) are usually hardware problems. Shutting down after a period of time of working OK suggests a h... Read More »

Why cant i use my mouse for 30 seconds like every 5 minutes on my computer?

E mail me and tell me what version of windows you are running and I will tell you step by step what to do!