My friend's boyfriend has a USB drive that connects him to the internet?

Answer No unless he hooked it up illegally. I actually sell those things and they cost about 40 to 100 bucks every month. They actually work through a wireless network like verizon or sprint.

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If the blue ray player connects to the internet do you need to purchase a more expensive TV that also connects or can you use just the blue ray player?

Dumbo Blu-Ray/DVD combo should be released in the United States by May or June 2011.

How would i go about petitioning for a yield sign for a road that connects to my drive way?

i highly doubt u'd be able to get a regulatory sign there. that would most likely be a state level thing. the most i can see, and this would be iffy, is a warning sign as to what is coming up, an... Read More »

My IPod no longer connects to the internet?

My computer connects to my wifi network but not to the internet?

Connect PC [wireless] to Router [wired] to Broadband Modem.=* DO NOT REMOVE POWER TO RESET NETWORK DEVICES *-Set router POWER OFF.-Reset Broadband Modem: With a straightened paperclip, press RESET ... Read More »