My friend tried cutting her wrist?

Answer shes doing for attention. cutting dosen't help at all. supid ******* kids do it cuz its the "emo" thing ur frieds a dumb **** :)

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Wrist cutting help!?

maybe put a bit of ur mom's concealer on it.. make sure she doesn't find out u went through her make-up stuff though (even more suspicious)good luck though.. happy fourth.

Cutting wrist :\?

STOP!!!!!!!! This will hurt you later! plz I beg you, stop.Please don't let the pain start. If you want to some how hurt yourself....y? That could ruin your pretty image. Wear a head band around yo... Read More »

What's your reason for cutting wrist?

Hello. I do not cut my wrist, but I do want you to know something.Cutting doesn't help. It just makes it worse. People will look at you and think horrible things about you if they see all those sca... Read More »

Can wrist cutting cause death?

Dear AakshiThis is the dream that you have for yourself that you want to cut your wrist ? Go to some Hospital and see with you eyes how patients of thalassemia are struggling for blood transfusion ... Read More »