My friend told me that when you lose your virginity...?

Answer Wrong. I think what she meant is that some "big" transformation goes "inside" your vagina, sort of like a caterpillar/python thing.Let me tell you though, most of those guys think 8" is the length... Read More »

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My mom told me she may have thyroid cancer and my best friend told me she cuts herself?

I'm really sorry that you received this bad news. I'm praying for both your mom and your best friend. Give your worries to God, and keep your eyes on him. Jesus loves you so much that he paid for y... Read More »

I'm still virgin. i need to lose my virginity. how to lose it?

why you wanna do this dear? Is it neccessary?!

When to lose virginity?

Until you have found the right person.. that is what I am waiting for I am 14 years old to..

Im 13: & i've been asked to lose my virginity...?

While I accept that a 13 year old is physically ready for sex, there is no way that you are psychologically ready. I encourage you to wait until you are older. There is also the issue that whoever ... Read More »